Let’s face it, it’s been a long year. When COVID hit last spring, I moved my pottery space into my basement. There were so many unknowns and I wanted to keep throwing, no matter what. After the initial few months in my basement, I moved back into the studio. The time away reminded me just how much I love having a separate space to create and the collaborative aspects of pottery. It is a very personal art, but it is also a social art. Pottery is meant to be used and often in the company of others.

Flash forward to May 2021. We are gearing up for Art A Whirl and I am excited to show some new work and spend more time creating new forms. I have been watching The Great Pottery Throw Down and it is beyond inspiring. What strikes me most about the show is that there is a special kinship amongst potters. They share a deep love for clay and for the success of their fellow potters. We cheer each other on and console each other when things go wrong.

Summers for me is all about slowing down my process, trying new forms, new glazes and enjoying the time I can spend in the studio.